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Unusual Destinations For Romantic Holidays

Unusual Destinations For Romantic Holidays

Whenever you read a ‘most romantic’ list, you can almost guess which destinations are going to feature heavily. Places like Paris, Rome, and New York City are never far away from the top of the list. Around the world, however, are a number of inspirational places that can provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic break, they just haven’t been recognised as such.

In many respects, that’s the way we like it, as if the secret was out about most of these then they would lose a lot of their charm. While we encourage you to take our advice, keep these places to yourself as much as you can, or else you could miss being the first to experience them.

Uluru, Australia
Not only does this head our list of unusual romantic places, it is probably the one that also takes the longest to get to, especially if you have driven into the centre of Australia yourself.

While Uluru is stunning at all times, its vibrancy comes alive to an even greater extent at sunset. Here, you can sit and sip champagne, enjoy an authentic barbecue cooked by a local guide, before retiring to bed to be woken in time to experience the sunrise the next morning. Such awe-inspiring sights and events are almost wasted if you enjoy them alone, so ensure it is high on the list of things to do with a loved one next time you plan a holiday.


Sahara Desert
Desert adventure holidays are widely available across Northern Africa, however the unrest currently on-going in many countries means that Morocco is probably your best bet for a great holiday.

Sweating buckets and riding a camel perhaps doesn’t seem overly romantic at first, however it is nightfall when the atmosphere really comes alive. The lack of artificial light makes this one of the best places on Earth to look up at the stars, and provides a romantic experience like few others.


Rajasthan, India
India isn’t a place than immediately springs to mind when one thinks of romance, and with the current bad press surrounding the country, is perhaps somewhere that most might avoid.

However, despite being unconventional, the northern state of Rajasthan provides tourists with a rich backdrop of culture that points to a history of which the country is very proud. This state provides walks through beautiful botanic gardens, romantic boat rides across placid lakes, and architecture and designs that will blow your mind.

Look beyond the norms when planning a romantic break for yourself and your partner, you will be amazed what you can find when you leave the ‘usual suspects’ behind.

Rob is an online content writer across a variety of industries, but with a specific interest in tourism. Rob writes regular features relating to the evolution of the global tourism industry, including how campervan relocations in some countries are changing how we view travel.

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