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Top Three Days Out in Sydney

Top Three Days Out in Sydney

Despite not knowing much about Sydney’s cultural or culinary hotspots, with just a week spent in one of the ‘must-see’ destinations in the world, I was naturally eager to experience as many of its famous attractions as possible.

Although it was a holiday completely filled with fun, amazing food and adventure, here’s just three of our favourite Sydney experiences!

Botanical Gardens

On our first day in Sydney, after a night’s rest in the fantastic Cambridge Hotel – the clear winner out of the various types of Sydney accommodation we considered – we wanted to do something relaxing to balance out the unavoidable jet lag. The Botanical Gardens seemed like the perfect choice. Located slap bang in the middle of the city, beside the Opera House, the gardens are 30 hectares of sheer beauty – filled with colourful plant life, lush greenery and exotic wildlife. We spent a good three hours happily walking around, visiting the various exhibitions and taking the Heritage self-guided walk. The part of the Botanical Gardens we found most wonderful – along with the spectacular views of the bridge and harbour – was the amount of natural wildlife living there. You’d think being in one of the most populated cities in the world there wouldn’t be such a collection of different species, yet the conservation work done there is clearly working: we spotted birds we didn’t even know existed!

Bondi Beach

bondi beach sydney

Being fairly adventurous, we were of course keen to get involved in a few energetic activities whilst in Sydney. And although we also went surfing and wind-surfing on other days, the afternoon we spent walking from Bondi Beach to Coogee stands out as the most enjoyable of all. Heading off from the undeniably touristy Bondi (where, if you’re not tanned and toned to perfection, you might feel a little inferior…) we started on the two hour hike along the coast. Passing the various beaches, cliffs and rock pools along the way, we were bowled over by the beauty of the coastal scenery. Whether it’s the infinitely blue skies, seas or just the undeniably laid-back way of life, the afternoon we spent walking there remains one of my enduring memories of Sydney.

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building

Finally, before heading off to the airport, we decided to take a last minute trip to the Queen Victoria Building. We had heard it was great for a bit of shopping so figured it’d be a nice way to kill a bit of time (and a few ‘last day of the holiday’ blues). It turned out to be one of my favourite discoveries! The building was originally built in 1898, so its exterior has a rather elaborate Romanesque style. With beautiful glass windows, stone archways and intricate architectural detail inside too, describing the QVB as a ‘shopping centre’ seems almost like an insult. Granted, it is worth visiting for its selection of decent shops and cafes, but personally I found my focus was mainly on the beauty of the building itself, not what was for sale inside it.

There are so many highlights of our Sydney holiday. From trips to the Opera House to the tiniest of cafes, we managed to fit in a lot. But undoubtedly, the aforementioned three stand out as some of the very best, and the places I’ll certainly be returning on my next visit!

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