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Top five tips for travelling with friends

Top five tips for travelling with friends

With summer just around the corner it’s time to start planning your summer holiday with the group of friends you’d practically class as family. For some of you it may be the last time you see each other before uni or it may be your annual holiday together for the big annual catch up, gossip and banter. When we plan our group summer holidays we always plan ahead and make sure we get the best prices, hotels and location for our money. If you use some of our tips you too can take advantage of travelling in a group and receive additional discounts.

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Check for free places

When booking your holiday have a look online to see who may be offering free places. Some operators have this available for holidays of 7 days or more and will depend on your party size – this will vary from each travel company to the next. If you take children, usually there is only one free child space per group.

Get free excursions

This usually applies when you bulk book excursions for set number of people. It’s always handy to look into this as it will allow you to explore the country you visit whilst still making savings where possible. When we travelled with ten of us we gained a free excursion which was a perfect day on a boat snorkelling and they supplied us with some lunch and a spot of fishing – a great way to unwind after two weeks of sightseeing, drink and over indulging in the local food.

Book a villa

Hotels may sound like luxury but you will be paying a hefty price if you can afford it, of course, go for it. Hiring a villa is a cheaper option and allows you to be with your friends instead of different hotel rooms – which could be on opposite sides of the hotel. You can also have BBQ’s and enjoy dips in the pool without being taken over by others using it.

Pre book your seats

There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport in plenty of time to find you aren’t sitting next to your friends. There is a fee involved but it is always better to sit with friends to and from your holiday destination. Being split up instantly puts a downer on your holiday, so take advantage and reserve your seats before you go – you can also decide who sits next to who.

Have a meeting point

Wherever you decide to go with your friends, having an agreed meeting point between you all will make life a lot easier for you in foreign territory. When you arrive pick some where local to where you are and agree if you get split up to head there and eventually you will all arrive. This should be used when you go on an excursion, for walks, nights out or decide to split up and see other things.

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