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The Worlds Greatest Water Parks

The Worlds Greatest Water Parks

For many, they are usually just a small part of a summer holiday; just one day where we might take a break from the desperate heat of the sun lounger and cool down with a bit of high adrenaline fun. However, for others, water parks are the main event. It’s not surprising people are becoming so enthusiastic about them – long gone are the days when a few slides and tightly-packed swimming pools were the best you could expect – now, with high octane rides and elaborately themed slides, there seems to be a new breed of water parks. Here’s a quick run-down of the world’s best, so the next time you’re booking a summer holiday, why not take into a consider incorporating a day at the following…


Waterworld, Ayia Napa

As well its genius theme of ancient Greek mythology, Waterwold in Ayia Napa, Cyprus holds the title of being the largest water park in all of Europe. With over 21 rides, each brilliantly named (we’re talking Appolio’s Plunge and Phaethon’s Flume), the sheer size of this place allows for a wide variety of rides as well as a lot of good relaxation areas. So whether you’re the one left looking after the bags, or the one zooming around on slides – you’re bound to enjoy yourself regardless.


Schlitterbahn (Slippery Road), Texas

You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas! And the trend continues especially when it comes to water parks. With three mini-parks in one, this 65 acre paradise houses endless rides of all shapes and sizes; from classic tube slides to inventive uphill water coasters – it’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for hour upon hour. One of the most appreciated aspects of the park is that you’re allowed to bring in your own food with you, so if the Texan cheeseburgers aren’t enough to temp you, the flexibility will undoubtedly suit.


Sandcastle, UK

If there’s going to be a contender for the UK’s best water park, it’s bound to be found in Blackpool. Perfectly at home in the middle of such an entertainment mecca, Sandcastle is an indoor park filled with over 18 slides and rides. Now we know in comparison to more exotic locations, it may seem a bit of a let-down; however, when the most you can expect from our swimming pools is a diving board and a few floats – we think it’s a pretty acceptable offering.


Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Ever seen a theme park inside a hotel? Okay, so maybe not inside, but integrated into the Atlantis the Palm hotel resort is its very own water park. With a beach front location, spectacular dolphin bay and an entertainment filled 42 acres, this place offers a true slice of fun alongside its other luxuries. Incorporating wildlife and nature into the experience as much as they can, at Atlantis you can get up close and personal with some cownose rays and even become a shark feeder for the day. It all sounds pretty magical to us!

Chimelong Water Park, China

As the largest water park in the world, Chimelong in China is also unofficially known as the best. It’s hard to disagree… with hi-tech rides such as the Super Tornado, a tube which accelerates your speed as you go along – and Behemoth Bowl, which uses centrifugal force to thrill riders – it’s one of the most entertaining parks you’re ever likely to find. As is always the way with China, their innovative use of the latest technology makes them incredibly difficult to beat. You know it must be good when you’re considering going to China just for a ride on the Dive Coaster…

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