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New Zealand the stunning scenery

New Zealand the stunning scenery

For anyone who has ever seen Lord of the Rings – you are therefore familiar with the layout of the land in New Zealand. Rugged mountains, wild hills, and crystal clear lakes are all part and parcel of the country. The attraction however; comes from how the locals have decided how to put the land to use. If you are someone (like myself) that gets a kick out of putting your life at risk – then read on.

Queenstown is the central hub of wild untamed land in New Zealand, turn in any direction and you’re surrounded by stunning scenery. Now all you have to do is decide what mad adrenaline rush of an activity you are going to pursue.

new zealand stunning scenery

First and foremost of course is bungee jumping. The company running out of Queenstown is A.J. Hackett. Running for over 20 years they are incredibly reliable and offer a wide range of stomach churning drops for you to consider. If you want to stick with a classic then bungee jumping is the way forward. With the added option of choosing whether to jump forward or backward off of the ledge, you also get the added joy of taking home a photo album to show to friends and family your death defying stunt. Once you have regained the use of your legs of course. With a wide range of jumps available, you also have the honour of picking which view you wish to see as you hurtle toward the ground. Although this will set you back over $100 New Zealand Dollars – the exchange rate means you get more than your money’s worth in British Pounds.

new zealand stunning scenery

Just as a nice reward, if you choose to jump from the mountain ledge, do not pass up the opportunity to Go-Kart back down the steep mountain sides when you are done.

However if you wish to remain touching land, don’t overlook the Shotover Jet. An action packed white knuckle experience; the Shotover Jet takes place on the, you guessed it, Shotover River. A slick streamlined boat will race you between jagged rocks while wildly spinning you 360 degrees; a hair’s breadth from steep cliff sides and all in just 10cm of water. Although once again this will set you back over $100 – it is a world famous attraction and is brilliant fun.

If the thrills and spills of white water rafting and bungee jumping are not your bag; there is last but not least, parasailing. The mountain lakes of New Zealand are breathtaking, and taking them in whilst airborne is incredibly serene. Of course, Parasailing is the art of being towed behind a boat whilst you’re attached to a parachute. If this doesn’t sound graceful you’d be very surprised at just how peaceful it can be whilst gliding across a clear lake with nothing but the sound of the wind. There are merely two things to watch out for: and these are these.

Boat drivers who think it is hilarious to stop the boat at random intervals so you fall into the ocean. And…
The incredibly ungraceful landing as you try to land with feet squarely onto the back of a moving boat.
Either way you’ll have an unforgettable experience and almost definitely something to laugh about.

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