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Just off of mainland Spain lies Menorca, named literally because of its “minor” size in comparison to the neighbouring Majorca, it is home to a surprising amount of historical sites and unsurprisingly, a lot of lizards.

Staying in the main part of the island will reward you with many water parks and shady restaurants so as to cool off from the heat, especially in the midday sun. However renting a car is an almost must have on this small isle in order to really see the attractions available.

Beaches and coves are rampant but beware the beach that appears too isolated. The hidden little patch of sand you thought you had to yourself will more often than not be a hot spot for nudists. Don’t let this bother you however as it is worth having come off the beaten track. In these isolated coves it is often the case to find a shady cave that not only offers protection from the sun on your head, but also contains sand that has been nicely shaded from the heat, allowing you to stand squarely on both two feet without hopping like a mad man. Snorkelling is great in these waters as starfish can be seen lounging between rocks and beautiful shoals of fish will be everywhere.

menorca beauty horse show

Menorca is also known for its horses and horse shows. Being an indigenous breed specific to the island, these “Menorquin horses” can be seen in most forms of entertainment, either performing or racing. The most famous of these being the “dancing horses”, a sight usually performed in Menorca’s fiestas during the summer months. In some cases these shows will also allow the audience to come backstage afterward to have photos taken either with or sat on these beautiful horses.

menorca clear beach water

A rich prehistoric history is also abundant here as tombs and old ruins are dotted around the countryside for tourists to wander around and learn about. Most caves found along beaches and in hilly regions will also often be adorned with old drawings and inscriptions from thousands of years ago. Showing the vibrant history of this “minor island”

Of course within the main tourist area of Menorca the restaurants are relatively cheap and the locals are more than friendly – and to cap it all, it seems to be customary to place a sparkler in your dessert, which as far as I’m concerned, sold the whole place for me.

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