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Holidays With A Twist

Holidays With A Twist

If an all-inclusive package holiday doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not alone. Gone are the days of simply lounging, tanning and over indulging abroad, many Brits are turning to a whole host of weird and wonderful adventures abroad to make the most of their holidays. There’s plenty on offer from a whole host of companies at competitive prices, so if you think a holiday with a twist might be your thing have a look at this selection below.

Wine tasting in Bordeaux

If you’re keen on your wine, you could enjoy a break away sipping the finest French names, or, you could get right into the action of wine making and enjoy a wine filled adventure in grape capital, Bordeaux. On a wine tasting holiday you’ll be surrounded by mile upon mile of beautiful vineyard, enjoy a stunning French climate and best of all; get a master class in some of the most fabulous labels around. Holidays involve accommodation as well as workshops in lessons on wine, tours of the vineyard and production as well as a session of tasting and enjoying some exquisite French wine. Not only does it make a fantastic holiday idea, it makes a great gift for a wine lover, being able to experience the production and creation of their favourite tipple.

Boot camp in Ibiza

If lying on a sunbed for two weeks bores you to tears, why not take your action packed schedule abroad with you. Boot camp breaks are available across the world, and there’s nowhere better to get in shape than the breath-taking vacation spot of the island of Ibiza, often neglected due to a concentration on parties and booze. You’ll be enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in a stunning, Mediterranean resort, but instead of over indulging and vegetating in the sun, you’ll be up and out experiencing some once in a life time adventures such as kayaking, rock climbing, parachuting and hiking. When it all gets too much you can unwind by the pool and take in the sights. If your resolution was to get in shape, there really isn’t a better incentive than to do so in sunny Ibiza.

Yoga in Morocco

Morocco is an idyllic country famed for its Eastern infusion and delights, making it the perfect place to embark on a holiday filled with yoga. You’ll enjoy a simple retreat in an idyllic setting, spending your days relaxing, stretching and developing closeness with your body and nature. There’s nothing more relaxing than yoga and you’ve never had a class quite like the classes offered in Yoga retreats in amazing Morocco. Holidays are suitable for beginners right through to advanced and not only will you get instructed on positions and moves, you’ll also learn the ancient history and traditions of such a graceful art.

Art Workshops in Greece

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For the less active and the more creative, there’s also an exciting holiday option for you. Nestled in the beautiful villages of Greece, art workshops are becoming a popular choice for novices and masters alike. You’ll enjoy a busy schedule of classes and workshop time with the most naturally beautiful inspiration at your fingertips. Holidays can be booked in specialisms such as watercolours or drawing, or you can opt for a general introduction to becoming more creative. You’ll have hands on classes, talks and workshops led by local and international artists where you can develop your technique and produce some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll witness. For the creative out there you can also book holidays involving script writing and crafts, combining beautiful weather, majestic views and your own creativity.

Bio: Julia Dawson is dedicated traveller and blogger. She likes wandering around the world and revealing the splendour of new glamorous vacation spots. Her present article is dediacted to the greatest party destinations

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