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Golfing holidays

Golfing holidays

If you are an avid golfer and enjoy spending your weekends on the golf course with your friends or family, you may be considering booking up a golfing holiday. However, if you have never been on a golfing holiday before you may not be sure where to go, especially now more and more hotels are equipping themselves with golf courses and golfing equipment. Here are some of the golfing highlights the world has to offer, and some of the more popular places to go on a golfing holiday:

The Algarve in Portugal: perhaps considered the most popular golfing holiday resort, the Algarve has excellent golf courses that are worldwide known and attract people from every country. The hotels accompanying these golf resorts are often 5 stars, or at the very least 4 stars, meaning you get peace of mind that the hotel itself is going to be a pleasant place to stay. Vilamoura, a harbour town that has been transformed into that of a golfing complex, is one thought of as being the best golfing resort in the Algarve.

Costa Del Sol, Spain: Costa Del Sol started developing its golf courses and resorts in the 1970’s and has since become a very popular golfing resort, even hosting the Volvo World Matchplay Championship. On top of the world class golf courses available, there are excellent hotels and accommodations, not to mention the local sandy beaches and marina’s and almost all-year-round perfect weather.

Scotland (St Andrews & Fife): Scotland is often considered as the top, or at least one of the top, golfing resorts in the world today. The golf courses in Scotland are both historic and world class and because Scotland is relatively small in size, it would be feasible to take an excursion and go to play on another golf course that Scotland has to offer.

Northern France: the North of France boasts a collection of top quality golfing resorts, considered some of the finest in the world, to add to this there are also sandy beaches, a busy nightlife, some quiet neighbouring fishing villages and an array of hotels and accommodations big enough to suit whatever your wants and needs are.

South Africa: has always been a top holiday destination, mainly due to the excellent accommodation on offer and the activities like Safari’s that are becoming increasingly popular, so it is not surprising that it has created some world class golf courses. For some of the best views whilst golfing, consider going to South Africa.

Arizona, USA: Scottsdale and the area surrounding Scottsdale is golfing central. Arizona offers a truly unique golfing holiday boasting excellent courses, top quality hotels and accommodation and a rich ‘American old West’ culture, combined with a hint of Mexican culture, furthermore Mexico is nearby if you were considering visiting.

Myrtle Beach, USA: has over 120 golf courses for you to choose from, many of these courses have been designed by leading golfing professionals. Myrtle beach is located in South Carolina and boasts some excellent and top quality hotels and resorts along with some Scottish style golfing courses.

Hawaii, USA: as with the other destinations on this list, Hawaii has world class, high quality resorts, and plenty of them. Hawaii, even without the golfing aspect, would make a beautiful setting for a holiday, with its sandy beaches, historical volcanoes, canyons, waterfalls, and generally agreeable way of life, Hawaii is one of the most appealing places to go on a golfing holiday.

Bio:Julia Dawson is dedicated traveller and blogger. She likes wandering around the world and revealing the splendour of new glamorous vacation spots. Her present article is dediacted to the greatest golf destinations worldwide.

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