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Camping holidays

Camping holidays

With the increase in the prices of holidays and the current economic climate being as bad as it is, many people these days aren’t able to afford to go on an all-inclusive beach resort holiday, or a 14 days safari, or even take a city break to Europe. This does not mean, however, that you can’t go on holiday at all, there are plenty of cheaper holidays that you should consider, in particular camping holidays.


What if I don’t want to stay in the UK?

A camping holiday doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay within the UK, you could take the Euro tunnel to France and find a camping site in a location by the beach or in one of the many French hot spots. If you can’t afford to do this, then yes you may need to stay in the UK, but with so many places to camp you will still have plenty of choice.


Do I have to camp in a field in the middle of nowhere?

No, camp sites are becoming increasingly popular, therefore there are far more now than there once were. You can camp by the beach or in a forest, you can even camp in national parks and by landmarks such as Ben Nevis and Stonehenge.


Will I miss the luxuries of home when I am camping?

No, most of the camping sites now have excellent facilities, from shower rooms and places you can dress, to restaurants, bars and shops. Some sites are even offering what is being termed ‘Glamping’, glamorous camping, in which you get pretty much the same luxuries you would at home or in a hotel.


I have no camping equipment, what do I need to buy?

As with anything, there are the basics you absolutely need, and there are additional things that you can buy to make your camping experience nicer. At the very least you will need a tent and a sleeping bag per person, if you intend to cook your own meals you will need a portable cooker that will run on a bottle of gas and some cooking utensils and a torch is always a sensible thing to take camping with you (especially when you are trying to find the toilet late at night). There are more things that you can buy but aren’t necessary, like a blow up mattress to make sleeping on the ground more comfortable, or a lantern that runs on gas for a constant supply of light.


After buying everything I need, will camping really be that much cheaper than booking a package holiday?

If you are sensible with what you buy, and borrow as much camping equipment from family and friends as possible then camping will almost definitely be cheaper. Remember to take into account the petrol and camping costs (which are typically minimal) and things like any food you will need to buy. Also remember that once you have all of this stuff you won’t need to buy it again, you can take as many camping holidays as you like without it costing you too much, therefore meaning you may be able to afford more than one holiday a year.

Are there any other benefits to camping?

Yes, it is an excellent holiday for the children, with so much to do and see it is unlikely the children are going to get bored unless you stay in your tent all day every day. Furthermore, most camp sites allow you to bring your pets with you, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting them looked after or putting them in a kennel for the week.

Most holidays are a standard length of 7, 10 or 14 days, whereas a camping holiday can last as long or as little as you like.

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