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        OUR BRAND

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        Mountain Inn Culture

        Mountain Inn was created in 2015 year. But before that we have many years' experience working for many  famous brands from Europe, USA, Korea, etc. We are professional on manufacturing tents, sleeping bags in our own invested factories.

        Mountain Inn has its own concept about products. We do not intend to make the most ultralight tents in the world. Also do not intent to make the most extreme weather sleeping bags in the world. We has our own philosophy "CCNP": Comfortable, Conve...


        Introduction of the factory

        Specialty Manufacture for Tents and Sleeping bag

        Our tent factory was found in 2012 year. Which locals in Tian Chang City An Hui Province. It is 120kms distance to NanJing City. There is one and a half hours can arrive in our factory from NanJing by car.

        There is about 200 experienced workers in our factory. Every year can produce 80,000pcs of different kinds of tents. We also has our own technology team can give big support on developing for all of our customers.

        From 2014 year we organized a High-Hand group to specially producing on ultralight tents(silicon-silicon coated tents) for high level brands. Some tents even got world award in OUTDOOR, ISPO, USA exhibitions for many times.

        Our sleeping bag factory was found in 2000 year. Which locals in Dan Yan City Jiang Su Province. It is 1 hour around to take speed train from Shanghai or NanJing to the facotry.